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Oct 5, 2012 5:00am EDT
glass half full. >> etch is keeping an eye on crucial numbers ahead of the election. those numbers are coming out this horng. we are not talking about a new poll. that is straight ahead at 6:00. >> first game. facebook fan. day. we say hello to kisha mason. she looks forward to the daily segment because it is her cue that the work day is over. enjoy the weekend. >> for your chance to be monday's fan of the day, log onto our facebook opinion and leave a comment under her picture -- our facebook page and leave a comment under her picture. picture. [ male announcer ] who will raise taxes on the middle class? according to an independent, non-partisan study, barack obama and the liberals will raise taxes on the middle class by $4,000. the same organization says the plan from mitt romney and common sense conservatives is "not a tax hike on the middle class." want proof? read the non-partisan study for yourself at obama and his liberal allies? we can't afford four more years. i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. [ female announcer ] he says... president obama and i both c
Sep 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
issue. romney appears to have ground to make up in states that could make up this year's election. he trails the president in new hampshire. that's according to the latest nbc news/"the wall street journal" marist poll. they're also locked in a tight race in the battleground states of nevada and north carolina. the president leads his republican rival by seven points in new hampshire. he's ahead of north carolina by 2%. that's within the poll's margin of error, which is 3.1%. >>> and romney also trails in recent polls in virginia. the gop presidential nominee met with veterans and their families in springfield. he hopes next week's first presidential debate will give him some momentum going forward. >> you know i have a great opportunity with dates to talk about my vision for the country. the president will talk about his. those who believe we want bigger government, more intrusive government, trillion dollar deficits as far as the eye can see will vote for him. those who believe we should encourage economic growth, support small business, and create more jobs will vote for me. >>
Oct 3, 2012 5:00am EDT
elected fill will be joining students for events at local schools today. kids across the country and in more than 40 other countries are also taking part in this event. so it's good deal for them. >> it certainly is. >>> in a bold move by the d.c. soup sill, they take a assistance in hopes of grabbing the attention of lawmaker on capitol hill. d.c. leaders want full budget control and are taking steps to make it happen. matt ackland explains. >> reporter: it is not often you see the mayor of one of the most powerful cities in the country sit down in the middle of street happened cuffed and then taken to jail. budget ought ton my was one of ropes why mayor gray and several councilmember took such a bold move. there has been progress on the hill but still no autonomy bill has been passed. >> i think every member here knows the important of the district government securing local control every our budget. >> phil mendelsohn introduceed a bill tuesday with all councilmember on board that would allow voters to approve a change in the district's charter. that would block federal budget cont
Oct 4, 2012 5:00am EDT
headlines, a voter watchdog group says it has uncovered voter fraud in maryland. the group election integrity maryland claims it found evidence that some people registered to vote using the names of dead people or registered to vote twice in to different states. the group is not accusing the state board of elections of fraud but says the problems need to be corrected. the state elections officials say, if fraud is found, the information will be given to state prosecutors office. >>> a rare form of meningitis that has been decked in several states has health officials pretty concerned. the outbreak has sickened dozens of people and killed two people in maryland and virginia. according to the cdc, patients got the infection from a steroid injection given to back pain inform total, 26 cases have been reported nationwide and more cases are expected. the steroid drug made in massachusetts has since been recalled. >>> in fairfax county, the search is for a teenager missing since monday morning. >> his parents are frantic as you can imagine and say it is not like the sun to just drop out o
Oct 1, 2012 5:00am EDT
because of construction. crews do not expect any delay on traffic flow. >>> the election is president obama's to lose. according to a new study, the ap says the president would be reelected if the election were held today. according to its analysis, he would win at least 271 electoral votes with victories in 21 states and washington, d.c. mitt romney would win 23 states, which would net him 206 electoral votes. to win, the republican presidential nominee would have to win six swing states, which are still up for grabs. he'd also need president obama to lose in ohio or iowa. the ap has him winning both states right now. also right now, president obama is in nevada preparing for wednesday night's first debate. senator john kerry is playing the role of mitt romney in the debate preps. the president many ka pacampaig night in las vegas. he asked supporters at this virginia high school to keep believing in him. the president does not have any events scheduled for today so he can focus on preparing for wednesday night. mitt romney is hoping the debate gives the presidential nominee a much n
Oct 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
park job. the radar showing the shower arctivity president-elect yes heavy here in spots just off to the west of washington. this will likely -- we'll talk to julie but i think this will probably slow things down. as we head out towards dulles airport, the rain continues to fall at a pretty good rate. here in washington, points east, not a whole lot at the moment. we'll see additional showers later today as we switch maps. we'll be able to show you that the shower activity continues. there we go. and you can see the heaviest here just off to the north and west of washington. we've got some spotty showers breaking out now in anne arundel county and down to the south. lots of showers in the forecast today. lots of clouds too. along with some mild temperatures. area of low pressure out to the west. going to drag itself up into the great lakes and drag all this moisture and cloud cover you see across the mid-atlantic through the region later today. so bring an umbrella. be ready for periods of shower activity. we will have showers in the forecast on and off for your tuesday. 66 in town.
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6